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Light steel framing

Superior Sections manufacture a range of light weight structural sections specifically aimed at the rapidly expanding infill walling sector.

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Light Steel Framing

Light steel framing has been recognised as one of the most flexible and efficient methods of modern day construction. Its simplistic approach to the most complex of designs allows construction times to be significantly reduced when compared to conventional building methods.

Light steel framing is a simple system of roll-formed load bearing stud and track sections that can be readily assembled and fixed on site, providing a rapid method of infill construction where speed is of the essence and materials weight important.

As a direct replacement for traditional brick and block construction, the use of light steel framing allows a significant reduction in build schedules, saving both time and money in the process.

A range of structural studs are available in varying web depths and thicknesses to cater for individual project and load bearing requirements.

Advantages of Light steel framing are:

  • Simple quick-fix methodology
  • Product can be assembled on or off site
  • Lightweight and dry construction
  • Rapid enclosure and weatherproofing of building structure
  • Enables internal trades to commence whilst exterior is completed
  • Allows for deviation within the main frame structure
  • 100% recyclable product

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