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  • What is roll forming?

Roll forming is the process of forming strip (or sheet) of uniform thickness into a shape or profile of constant cross section by feeding the material longitudinally through successive pairs of rolls progressively forming the metal into the required cross section. Other terms used for this process include cold roll forming, cold rolled sections, cold rolling (not to be confused with gauge correction), section rolling, section forming and profiling.

  • What materials can be roll formed?

A broad spectrum of ductile materials lends themselves to roll forming. Both ferrous and non ferrous metals can be used for the manufacture of sections and profiles of varying complexity and cross section with the main limitation being the minimum bend radii. By far the most popular materials used are hot dipped galvanised, hot rolled (including pickled & oiled) and cold reduced strip. Popular non ferrous materials are stainless steel and copper.

  • What applications can benefit from using roll formed sections?

Roll formed sections benefit from a high strength to weight ratio and lend themselves to a broad range of applications. From steel framing and dry lining for construction to desking and shelving for office furniture. From uprights and beams for pallet racking to reinforcement for Pvcu windows. The list of applications for roll formed sections is unlimited. Roll formed sections are the preferred alternative to products such as timber and aluminium extrusions. All roll formed sections are fully recyclable in order to promote continued sustainability.

  • Are standard sections available?

Superior Sections manufacture a range of standard sections for a variety of industries that can be purchased either ex-stock or on very short lead-times. Studs, tracks, resilient bar, I studs, wall liner, MF ceiling furring, primary and perimeter channels are all standard sections available from stock for the drylining and metal ceilings sector. A range of box, channel and lip channel sections are produced that cater for many Pvcu window systems (See new standard section catalogue). Plain and slotted 41x41 channel and 41x21 channel sections are stocked for the Strut sector. Stock tooling exists for a broad range of angle sizes that can be produced readily to order on minimum lead-times.

  • What quality accreditation is held?

Superior Sections take a very strict approach to quality and all processes and are managed via our internal quality management systems to ISO 9001:2008. All sections produced have to pass an initial inspection and approval process, followed by consistent periodic checking throughout the production process.

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